For Clinicians

The Heart Mate 3 Calculator is designed to be reviewed with the input of your healthcare team. This calculator requires personalized values that only your doctor can provide in order to provide an accurate risk score.

Decision Aid Calculator

This is the Heart Mate 3 Risk Calculator for use in tandem with our decision aid "Deciding Together." To learn more about the information provided above and the calculators used please click here.

Risk Calculator for Receiving LVAD

HeartMate 3 Risk Score

(18 to 90)
(110 to 160) mM/L
(-3 to 40)
(0 to 60)

How would you like to calculate comparative risk values for patients not receiving an LVAD?

Risk Calculator for Not Receiving LVAD

Enter a percentage as a whole number, e.g. “95”
Enter a percentage as a whole number, e.g. “95”
mm Hg
First diagnosed ≥ 18 months ago
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For more information on INTERMACS profiles were used to calculate risk without LVAD, please click here

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